Would you like to raise much needed revenue for your GAA club?

Sell your worn jerseys to members and GAA fans around the world!

Our system is very easy and straight forward and allows a GAA club to fundraise easily online;

How we get your club set up:


We get you set up as a seller free of charge.

You tell us what jerseys you have and upload a photo of one of the jerseys using your smartphone

You tell us how many jerseys you have and the size etc

You tell us how much you want to charge for each jersey

You tell us the person in your club who will be responsible for going to the post office

We will need you to confirm that you have the power to do this from your Club Secretary or Chairperson.


Can I sell individual jerseys?

Yes! Does your club have a well known player? You can sell their club jersey individually for a separate price and raise even more money for your club.

If so, we will help you do this easily.


Then what happens?

Your jerseys are added to your clubs section of www.gaaclubjerseys.com

We will publish online and via social media and you share the message on your facebook page and twitter feed

Anyone from around the world can buy your pre worn jerseys!

Buyers can be your members living around the world or just other GAA fans!

The buyer pays for postage as set rates are set up to all over the world for an average single jersey in a padded A4 envelope

You or someone in your club posts the jersey to the buyer.


How do people buy jerseys?

They pay using Paypal ( a Paypal account is not needed to be a buyer as they can use a bank or credit card too )

The payment is forwarded to your club minus 15% commission

Payment is sent via Paypal to a nominated Paypal account

A nominated person takes the jersey to the post office, puts it in a padded A4 envelope, and posts it.

Once all the jerseys you tell us you have are sold then no-one can buy anymore

Buyers can request a particular jersey number but this is not guaranteed and is only if it is available

The jerseys always remain the property of your club until someone buys it.



What could go wrong?

We want everyone to be treated fairly so lets have a look at what could go wrong.

The person in your club does not take the jersey to the post office and send to the buyer:


You are selling to people who want to support your club so we can’t emphasise enough how important this is! Ensure the jersey is posted and if not then the buyer will receive a full refund and the payment will be recouped from the club.
You are worried about how your club gets paid:


The system is set up to pay the nominated Paypal account right away minus the commission of 15%. We know that you want to keep the people who are helping your club satisfied so we do trust that the jersey is posted.


The buyer says they never received their jersey:

Get the reference number when you post the jersey and log in and add it to the notes for that sale. This is easy to do and we will email all instructions to do this
This will prove that you did post the jersey.

In the rare occasion that there is a conflict, www.gaaclubjerseys.com will make a determination to resolve and may refund the buyer and recoup the payment from your club.



And who are we?

We are GAA members ourselves that have a passion for our club and a massive interest in the GAA club scene in Ireland and throughout the world.

We want to offer a new way for GAA clubs to raise funds away from the usual raffles and lottos.

We want GAA clubs to actually start to benefit from their own identity and not major sportswear manufacturers.

We want GAA club members to be able to get something tangible when supporting their club.

We want people to be able to source jerseys from clubs they might have played for abroad – be that from Dubai to Sydney to Pittsburgh to Glasgow.

We want to be able to source jerseys that they like the look of, have a personal interest in our that has connections to their favorite players.


What to do next:

Complete the form below and we will email you back some more information and start the process!

Any enquiries can be emailed to info@gaaclubjerseys.com and we will try and help in whatever way needed.


Yes, I would like to sell my GAA Club Jerseys: